Photos by David Brownlie-Marshall for LDNISTA


Volcano at Home: Coffee with a clear conscience

Volcano at Home: Coffee with a clear conscience

Independent Brixton-based coffee roaster, Volcano Coffee Works, have just introduced the UK's first 100% compostable coffee pod which is fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.  Already renowned in the ultra competitive coffee world, Volcano Coffee Works have been supplying top restaurants and coffee shops with ethically traded and sustainable coffee since the company's launch seven years ago.  

Unlike most of the established coffee pods on the market, Volcano's pods are 100% biodegradable and fully bio-based compostable.  This means you can recycle Volcano pods through your green waste collection, your own composting, or even in a standard rubbish bin.  The pods will have completely disintegrated within 150 days - in stark contrast to aluminium pods which take around 150 years to degrade...

The talented team at Volcano have hand-selected the finest coffee for three flavour profiles to meet your coffee needs throughout the day, and it's been the vision of Volcano Master Roaster Kurt to allow people to enjoy their coffee experience at home. Volcano only roast in small batches, which bring out the individual qualities of each of the blends.


There are three flavour levels to choose from, and I visited the Brixton coffee hub to try them each out for myself.  The Bold (morning shot) is a Colombian coffee with an intense cocoa body, which works really well as an espresso served straight up first thing in the morning to get you jumping out of bed and raring to go.

The Balanced (all day) is a Brazillian blend with a mild, nutty flavour which is perfect any time of the day, and works particularly well with milk, as I discovered with a delicious flat white.  Last but certainly not least is the Reserve (rich/sweet) Nicaraguan coffee with a sweet, satisfying flavour which works well as an everyday treat.

Champions of ethically traded coffee, Volcano have given us a pod that is genuinly recyclable. Never will you enjoy coffee as much, or with as clear a conscience.