Photos by David Brownlie-Marshall for LDNISTA


Savse Protein Smoothies

Savse protein smoothies

I don't always seem to have enough time in the morning to make a smoothie, or if I do I have to consume it there and then at home to avoid risk of it spilling all over my bag. I'm always conscious of my protein intake too - as when you're active: cycling or going to yoga as I do, it's important to keep your muscle building protein levels up throughout the day to avoid the peaks and troughs of high sugar or carb diets.

When I heard about Savse's new protein smoothies I was very intrigued as each bottle contains 10g of whey protein, which is the form most easily assimilated by the body.  This is combined with cold pressed juices which are preserved by High Pressure Process (HPP) rather than pasteurisation; meaning that all of the nutrients are kept in each bottle without affecting the taste.  With no added sugar, the Protein Smash contains strawberries, coconut water and coconut milk, and the Blueberry Blast adds blueberries to the mix.

Protein Punch is a fresher more citrus version with pineapple and lime. Because they are not crammed with too much protein they are easy to digest and at 250ml per serving they're the perfect size for a little pick me up. I brought mine to the park in a keep cool bag as part of a picnic so they really can be enjoyed at any time.  Available at Waitrose and some health food shops for £2.99 per bottle.