Photos by David Brownlie-Marshall for LDNISTA


Shoryu Covent Garden; Bottomless Brunch with a Japanese twist

Shoryu Covent Garden; Bottomless Brunch with a Japanese twist

Meeting up with old friends on a Sunday for brunch has suddenly taken on a new meaning with the introduction of the bottomless brunch menu at Shoryu Covent Garden.  For a start - ramen - for brunch not something I would have thought of, despite being the world's number one ramen fan.  But do you know, it actually works.

One element which makes for a good brunch is actually about sharing, and not wanting for anything - so that the conversation flows as easily as the unlimited drink refills. The deal here is £38 for a starter, 3 sides, bottomless ramen, ice cream for dessert and bottomless drinks.

The food comes fast and plentiful, and it isn't long before the entire table is filled with delicious little parcels, buns, gyozas and steaming soup.  Starters of seasoned edamame beans and cucumber slices prepare the palette for a Shoryu Bun filled with either pork or halloumi.  

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A selection of sides comes next, with options including seaweed salad, chicken karaage, tiger prawn tempura, takoyaki, black sesame tofu and Hakata tetsunabe gyoza.

The ramen options include the classic Tonkotsu ramen; a rich 12-hour pork broth ramen topped with char siu barbecue pork belly, nitamago egg, kikurage mushrooms, spring onion, sesame, ginger, and seaweed.  We also opted for a curry-soy pork broth variety which comes with chicken, egg and bamboo shoots.

For desert, the ice creams are absolutely dreamy too - Black Sesame, Matcha, Yuzu and Chocolate Miso are just some of the options which round off the meal perfectly.

Lots of time to catch up, and the option of unlimited refills on soup and drinks (red and white house wine, sparkling wine, Kobai plum wine with soda, green tea and Calpico) mean that there is plenty of sustenance, to get through weeks of stories.  Friendly and attentive staff make this a great option, even if you are felling a little delicate.